The Treman Center

Enfield, NY

Kevin Reilly became interested in the old Newfield Decker Farm barn in 2007.  It was a 19th century threshing barn in a state of decay with a stream running through it.  But Kevin could envision its promise from the start, and he visited the structure again and again, picturing what it could be, down to the finest of details. He purchased and disassembled the barn and moved it to his property near Treman State Park where it was reassembled on a new stone foundation built by Kevin and his crew.

The Treman Center that emerged from the planks and beams is a three-story, 6,000-square-foot marvel.  Kevin describes it as “agricultural and playful,” authentically assembled with mortise and tenon, post and beam construction.  At the same time, it is the epitome of green design, with high-technology and efficiency.

It includes four massive fireplaces, each with its own unique design and 3,000-pound hearthstone, and a ground floor assembled out of 200-year-old, hand-cut stones.  Each floor has a completely different look and feeling. The interior has Kevin and Leslie’s signature style of simplicity, elegance, and whimsy.

Noah Demarest has served as an architectural design consultant on the project since 2008. His original contribution was to figure out how to install fenestration to bring light and air into the building without losing the original barn charm. Noah was also responsible for designing the three-story timber frame staircase, the kitchen and bath layout, as well as visualization for the landscape courtyard and reflecting pool in collaboration with Rick Hedrick. More work continues as the building continues to transform from barn, to residence and ultimately a unique cultural center.

  • CLIENT: Kevin Reilly and Leslie Reilly Carrère

  • DATE: 2009 - 2016

  • SIZE: 6,000 sf

  • AWARDS: Historic Ithaca Preservation Award